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glas - Great Lakes Adiban Society

Subject: Great Lakes Adiban Society

Description: This email list was created to facilitate communication among members of GLAS, and to act as a newsletter. The Great Lakes Adiban Society (GLAS) is intended to provide a regional forum for scholars of Islamicate adab, particularly of the medieval and early modern periods. By 'Islamicate,' we mean the literatures and literary practices cultivated in languages like Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Urdu, Bengali and so on; other traditions that are not majority-Muslim but nevertheless participate in this general discourse include (but are certainly not limited to) Armenian, Baluchi, Georgian, Hebrew, Kurdish, Punjabi, and Spanish. By sponsoring panels at conferences and convening regular workshops, we hope to facilitate the exchange of ideas, give scholars a chance to critique and refine each other’s work, and foster a sense of community in the Great Lakes region.

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