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applied_math_club - Mailing List for the undergraduate Applied Mathematics Club

Subject: Mailing List for the undergraduate Applied Mathematics Club

Description: The University of Chicago Applied Math Club (UCAMC) is an undergraduate-led club that provides a platform for students interested in applications of mathematics. We host talks and workshops on a variety of topics including finance, economics, computer science, machine learning, physics, statistics, and computational biology. Professors, graduate students, and industry experts have given talks on topics including derivatives markets, game theory, quantum computing, deep learning, and more! Through workshops taught by experienced students, newer students can learn the essentials of a variety of important topics including probability, linear algebra, programming, and statistics. Finally, we are currently hosting a weekly study group for the Putnam Exam. This study group is geared towards students in applied mathematics, without prior competitive mathematics experience, that want to learn how to prepare for one of the most well-renowned and difficult mathematics examinations in the world.

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